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Personal Trainer Rochester – Chloe

Position: Personal Trainer Rochester

Qualifications: I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 25 years experience within the fitness industry. I have covered everything from 5K, 10k, half marathon, marathon, triathlons, Ironman, powerlifting, Hyrox, boxing & Mua Thai.

Information:  The extensive knowledge I’ve gained along my journey allows me to give my clients the right advice to achieve their goals. My passion is training; I run to feel free, I lift weights to feel empowered, I train HIIT & cardio until I drop, I box & do Muay Thai to release stress. Training is part of me, it’s who I am. At 16 I joined the Royal Artillery. I was the first female Gunner in my regiment. I worked hard towards being a PTI, as I knew fitness was where my heart was.

I left the army and became a fitness instructor and personal trainer – working all over the city of London teaching boxing, Muay Thai, strength and fitness. I cover all aspects of fitness – from spin to marathons, triathlons strength and conditioning and everything in between.

The knowledge gained from the different training programs within my personal journey has helped me to cut through the negative training and helped me to pass on my extensive knowledge to my clients, helping them achieve their goals in a far quicker way.

Areas covered: Chloe provides home visit personal training in and around Rochester and North Kent and can help you now. Get in touch to try us via our 2 trial pay as you go session offer.

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Personal Trainer Rochester - Chloe


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