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Personal Trainer Richmond – Sam

Name: Sam – Personal Trainer Richmond

Position: Personal Trainer

Qualifications: BSc Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning

Information: Personal Trainer Richmond – Sam is currently finishing his Sports science and strength and conditioning degree. He is a very keen and very good rugby player as well as an excellent, knowledgeable and thorough fitness trainer. Feel free to call and test us out with 2 trial pay as you go sessions. I was working out at a gym when I was stationed in Fla and a State Testing Official for NFPT came up to me and asked if I would be interested in becoming a personal trainer. He was a manager at the gym. He became my mentor and from there I got my certification.

Sam’s passion is to help those dealing with health issues that have a significant impact on their physical and mental status. More people are being diagnosed with cancer and other conditions that require specific physical training. Not everyone can do cross-fit or boot-camps. Sam has been fortunate to work with a client that has Parkinsons Disease. Using boxing as training method as recommended by his physician, his motor skills and balance improved. Now his follow up appointments with his neurologist are every 6 months vs 3 months. Find out what else drives Sam Davis as a personal trainer.

Areas Covered: Sam provides home, work and outdoor sessions in and around Kingston.

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Personal trainer Richmond - Sam


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