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Personal Trainer Ashford – Michelle

Name: Michelle – Personal trainer Ashford

Position: Personal trainer

Qualifications: Reps Level 3, Personal training Sports Solutions,

Information: Michelle has worked in the fitness industry for 17 years and counting and has helped 1000’s of people over the years. Based in Ashford, Kent she can pop and see you at home or work and is able to train adults and children alike. Please feel free to call or email for any further details.

Michelle’s running adventure: We all started from the castle and then ran 8 miles to the first pit stop. It was dull and drizzly at first and the terrain was road for the first few miles and then it became more rocky and uneven as we met the base of the mountain, Snowdon. The climb was tough, very rocky but we still managed to run but as we got to 12 miles mark, (2 miles from the summit) the terrain became very rocky and steep and it was impossible to run, this was a climb up the Miners path. It took what seemed forever especially as we were feeling breathless and a bit lightheaded with the altitude but the elation we felt when we got there was amazing. It was freezing up there so a quick change of clothes was necessary and we put our hats gloves and thermals on.

The descent was steep, slippery and tough on the joints but we were halfway though and feeling really good. Halfway down we prepared ourselves for the vertical kilometre, ‘a race within a race’ and we were timed separately for this….eek! Nicola got 8th place and i got 17th for fastest lady. It was soooo steep and the lactic acid was immense. After running another mile or so we arrived at the 250m abseil. We waited to be harnessed up and then made our way down.  More running downhill (jeeze……!) to the 60 foot jump into the lake. We collected out life jackets and Nic and Ed jumped together.  I stood at the end of the plank with stage fright but with all the jeering from Nic and Ed and the crowd, I did it. The water was freezing and we had to swim to a cage which we had to swim under 3 foot to get into and then the obstacles had begun.

We got out of the lake ran to another lake, climbed through a giant tube and then swam under a giant inflatable tube. Out of that lake and running again to a giant vertical slide in another lake. Oh that was scary,  a real slap in the face when we hit the water. More running, with big time cramping in our feet and legs……over to the 25 metre swim. Then it was the run to the end…….oh with 2 walls and a slippery rope wall, I didn’t know how I was going to get over those but finished in 7 hours and 22 minutes. We had worked as a team and managed them all.

It was such a fantastic experience with a great team and we loved every minute!

Areas Covered: Michelle provides home and work visit personal training in and around Ashford.

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Personal trainer Ashford - Michelle


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