Personal Training London – Natalie

Personal Training London Natalie provides home and work visit personal training in and around north London

Personal Training London – Natalie

Personal Trainer

MSc Exercise & Nutrition Science, BSc Human Kinetics & Ergonomics, and Psychology, A.C.E. Personal Trainers Course, Zumba Instructors Course.

Having completed my Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science, I love putting the theory of health, fitness and wellbeing into practice and helping others do the same. I use a holistic approach to health, focussing on exercise and nutrition. This helps you to achieve your long-term goals and to make you feel great. I have a wide range of expertise including Pilates, Zumba and Powerlifting and I enjoy all challenges whether its weight loss, muscle or strength gain or performance enhancement.

Areas covered
Natalie provides home, work and outdoor Personal training sessions in and around North West London.

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