Personal Trainer Acton Josh

Name:Personal Trainer Acton – Josh

Personal Trainer Acton - Josh provides home work and outdoor personal training in and around High Wycombe, try us now with 2 pay as you go tester sessions

Personal Trainer Acton – Josh

Position:Personal Trainer

Qualifications:Premier Global. Personal Trainer Level 3. Gym instructor level 2. FA Coaching badge level 1. Nutrition and Weight loss advisor.

Information:“As a personal trainer, I prefer to consecutively focus on several different areas of health and wellbeing with my clients, to optimise their training outcomes and session times with me.

I love cultivating personal positive relationships with all my clients while also making our sessions fun and varied which helps you stay committed to your fitness journey. In the 5 years that I’ve been training clients I’ve learned that structure helps you reach your targets. It makes more effective use of your time which in turn means measurable results at a pace that suits you.

Fitness is a journey not a destination, it is my job to assist you on that journey with a smile on your face. I specialise in outdoor circuit training sessions to really help you get the most the most from your workout. My other key skills include:Maintenance & HIIT/Circuit Training, Shredding & Muscle gain, Nutrition & Weight Management, Strength & Endurance”.

Areas Covered:Josh, personal trainer Acton, provides home, work and outdoor Personal Training sessions in and around Acton and West London. For an additional personal trainer that is also able to cover that area please feel free to click here: Personal Trainer Putney – Inka

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